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The Auto Market in Houston, Texas finally seem to be showing some signs of improvement after a long slump. As per, New vehicle sales in Houston, Tx have improved in October2016 after a disappointing month of September, but the latest figures show the months-long downward trend still continues.

The Total Retail sales in the nine-county region of Houston, was recorded at 20,644 vehicles in October, up 5.6 percent from September according to data provided by who specialize in car windshield replacement in the Houston area.

As per Mark Johnson, who is dealer of Used and New cars in Houston, the demand is low mainly due to lot of people who have bad credit and hence cannot easily get a Car loan from the bank. However a few new companies have cropped up who deal mainly with this section of people by providing bad credit car loan to people who have a bad credit and ineligible for bank loans.

One interesting facts though is that Houston has been witnessing no fall in the car servicing and repair business even though Car Sales have dwindled. The majority of the Car repair business is coming in the form of Windshield Repair and routine car servicing.

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