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Concrete breaking, concrete blasting and concrete demolition

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Concrete breaking, concrete blasting and concrete demolition are conducted by construction companies for various requirements. The site condition is the main factor that leads to implement any one of the above methods. Let us take a detailed look on each of them:

Concrete breaking is usually done with the help of a jackhammer. Many people find this method to be slow and expensive. Additionally the concrete breaking done with jackhammer can become messy too. Yet for thick concrete this is the best alternative. Fairly thinner concretes can be broken with welded wire mesh or the hydraulic thumb. The use of non explosives or low grade explosives are also becoming popular these days.

Concrete Breaking

• Concrete blasting or shot blasting is a cost effective method and most importantly environmentally safe method to prepare large concrete surfaces. The use of modern explosives helps achieve the blasting work rather quickly. The construction company can put in order the surface they require for carrying out additional works. Shot blasting uses a high performance mechanism at great velocities. The direction and pattern of demolition can be controlled as needed. The entire technique is conducted in an orderly manner that makes it concrete blasting to take place in least possible time. I would like to recommend Royex System here which is a leading Concrete Breaking company based in Sweden.

• Concrete demolition is necessary when a construction area has widespread cracking. Without demolishing the concrete additional work cannot be carried on. Now there are various ways to commence the concrete demolition work. Modern day tools are very helpful as it requires minimum efforts. The hydraulic and the pneumatic breakers are the ideal choice for concrete demolition. The use of either tool will largely depend on the type of concrete to be demolished and the budget for the work. Again there are lightweight breakers that efficiently handle minor cracks. Apart from these pressure bursting, ball and cranes are used for concrete demolition.

Construction companies need to inspect their job site primarily to decide the best method to begin the concrete removing work. Accordingly the necessary tools are used. The tools as described above are capable of handling all forms of concrete removal works.